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You made it, as High up as you can. Now you're the President and everyone asks you about your smoke gear, Impressive. What do you get?

7-12 carefully selected items for your use including some of the industries biggest brands included. Keep an eye out for Different Gold items spread throughout the Presidential Boxes. This Months box includes.


  • 5 inch Glass on Glass Bong with flower bowl.
  • 4 Layer Gold Grinder 55mm (2.2 inches).
  • Raw Rolling Tray.
  • Silicone Chillum.
  • Skunk Brand Hemp wraps.
  • Hemp Wick.
  • Assorted  rolling papers and Bic lighter.


  • Items may vary from pictures not limited to color, size, and brand.

    Free Shipping Included

    Retail Value: $135+

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